A “day before payday” meal – which will also last for lunch the following day!

So it’s a Thursday evening, I have £0.39 in my account and I’m hungry.

I decide to see what concoction I can create to feed myself healthily.

Even if you are low on dollar, it is always a good idea to keep a supply of tinned or frozen veg. I am always stocking up just for a rainy day, plus fresh veg just does not last anymore. Unless you plan to cook it the day you buy it.

In the cupboard I found:
– tinned chopped tomatoes
– tinned chopped spinach
– tomato purée
– Italian herbs
– crushed garlic
– chopped carrots
– wholewheat pasta

Then in the refrigerator I found:
– watercress (going soggy – fine for cooking)
– mushrooms
– bell peppers

In the freezer there is always:
– soya mince

I always try to have frozen vegetables too. Chopped peppers, onion, mushrooms, spinach are such good value and halve your prep time!

So, skip to the end! I chucked it all in a pan and made my own version of a Spag Bol.